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ZFx - Creative Technology Solutions

What Defines a Brilliant Idea?

by Dave on May.27, 2014, under Solutions

For decades, Edison’s light bulb has symbolized a simple, brilliant idea. It changed everything. Today, LED technology has changed forever the way we light our homes and businesses. We’re more energy conscious, and we don’t have to screw in new light bulbs as often. And we get lots more light for the same amount of energy. Yet, the cost of energy continues to rise.

Thats a pretty good metaphor for our life in the fast lane. Technology is evolving faster than ever, and we have to keep up with it or be left in the dust.

Over the years I have watched technological progress completely wipe out perfectly running businesses. And yet with the Internet we have the most amazing resource ever created for keeping abreast of change. The trick is to figure out how to harness change in a constructive and positive way, without letting go of many of the freedoms and values we have always held dear.

Some say privacy is a thing of the past. Some say malicious hackers can gain access to anything they want… if they know about it. And some say we ought to just go back to grubbing in the dirt.

I don’t buy any of that! Granted, keeping private data private is no simple matter. It requires monitoring by humans, not by robots. It requires setting policies and following them.
And it requires tapping into human resources – people who have been there and done that. People who can define clear goals and accomplish them in a timely manner, in an often challenging budgetary environment.

At ZFx I have been involved with many different kinds of projects over our nearly quarter-century of growth. We have brought our expertise to bear on graphics design and 3D animation projects, software development, project management, hardware design, video production, even the preservation and restoration of vintage technology whose obsolescence would have closed off important pieces of the past from future generations.

As we have grown in these various areas, we have become more hesitant to put any single label on ourselves. We consult. You benefit from our involvement in helping you achieve your goals. Thats pretty much our mission statement, and we’re proud of our accomplishments.

We’d like to hear what your problems are. We can help you get there smarter, faster, and in the most direct way possible.

The world and the light bulb don’t look like they used to.

How can I help you find your next brilliant idea?
Please… leave a comment for me!

David W. Sieg,
President, ZFx inc.

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Merry Christmas!

by Dave on Dec.25, 2013, under Uncategorized

Merry Christmas from ZFx!

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While You’re Busy Making Plans

by Dave on Jun.09, 2011, under Solutions

I know I’ve quoted John Lennon before, but his “Life’s what happens while you’re busy making plans” is as true a statement as ever! Its certainly been the case for me and for ZFx, inc.

Its been 21 years now that I’ve run ZFx, and we have constantly found the need to re-invent ourselves, whether to keep up with technology, creativity, or the changing economic situation.

Now add geography to that list! Yes, I’ve still got lots of clients in the Tri-Cities area, but I’ve made the move to Asheville, NC, and loving the change of scenery, business climate, the local restaurant scene, you name it!

The Tri-Cities has a lot going for it, but Asheville has the perfect mix of Southern gentility, gorgeous mountain environment, a thriving mix of artists, musicians, and technologists, and frankly, while it might be pushing it to call the local economy booming, its not doing too bad! There’s lots of manufacturing here, and things are starting to pick up again!

So thats the latest from ZFx. As I said, I still get up into the Tri Cities to meet with clients and check things out periodically. After all its a quick trip over the mountain!
Lots of consulting work here in Asheville, and good to have a foot in each community!

If I haven’t heard from you in a while, please do avail yourself of the comment box below, its always good to hear from friends and acquaintances! And of course the ZFx toll-free number or email is the fastest way to reach me!

Dave Sieg

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2010 – Beginning A Momentous Year

by Dave on Jan.03, 2010, under Solutions

I’ve always thought of the year 2010 as sounding far-off in a Science-Fiction kind of way, but then, Here we are! Personally, I’m ready to get on with a new decade and be done with those ZERO-years!

This will mark ZFx’s 20th year in business, and I’m happy to announce we are continuing to roll with the punches and develop cutting-edge technology for our clients – many of whom have been loyal and true with us through thick and thin over the years! Thank You!!!

We have been collaborating with the Creative Trust Agency on many exciting new projects and have found that to be a rewarding relationship which we intend to further strengthen.  If you’d like some examples of the kinds of projects we’ve been working on together, please use the comment form below to contact us and arrange a meeting or phone conference.

ZFx is also opening an office in Asheville, NC,  having worked with many clients in that area over the past few years.  Asheville is an exciting area for us to focus on full-time now as the area continues to grow, particularly in technology and media-related areas.

We look forward to an exciting 2010 and would like to hear from you!  Please leave us a comment using the form below.  We’d love to hear from you!

-Dave Sieg, President, ZFx inc.

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The Only Constant: Change

by Dave on Nov.07, 2009, under Solutions

About the only thing you can depend on these days is that things keep changing:

  • The Economy
  • The Climate
  • The Internet
  • Your Business!

Any here you can buy clomid online for sure
effects we might have on the Economy or the Climate are likely to be pretty small - but we may be able to help your Business use the Internet to improve your personal economy for the better!

There are so many powerful new tools available now that can help you accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.    But information overload is everywhere!  How do you know whats possible and whats smoke and mirrors?  How do you figure out the right tools for the job?   And once you’ve figured that out, how do you make sure the integration and testing of this critical resource is being handled by experienced professionals that care about your business?

Thats where ZFx comes in!  We can help you analyze where your business is headed, and chart the most cost-effective  path to success!

But first we need to know just a bit more about you!

Please use the Leave a Comment link below and tell us about your business and your ideas for using the Internet to get where you want to be with your enterprise!

-Dave Sieg    President, ZFx inc.

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