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Chuyên gia phân tích | Triển vọng thị trường ZFX

Xu Hướng Thị Trường Tuần (15/03 – 09/03/2021)

Trái với thị trường tiền tệ, vàng đã phá vỡ xu hướng giảm trước đó tại vùng giá 1712. Tuy nhiên trên biểu đồ H4, thị trường vẫn chưa hình thành xu hướng tăng, nên việc giảm tiếp sẽ vẫn có thể xảy ra.


Bitcoin – Cơ Hội Khi Thị Trường Giảm Mạnh

Mặc dù xu hướng trung hạn và dài hạn tại thị trường tiền kỹ thuật số đang tăng. Nhưng với những biến động lớn bất thường diễn ra gần đây, BTC đang bị nghi ngờ về khả năng quy đổi ra giá trị hàng hóa. Cập nhật thông tin phân tích kỹ thuật cùng ZFX

Chuyên gia phân tích | Triển vọng thị trường ZFX

Markets open mixed amid the US holiday

Investors expected that the new US government may consider to raise tax to solve part of the budget deficit due to such massive fiscal support, that on the other hand may weaken the recovery of the US economy and the effectiveness of the current monetary policies. ZFX analyst Jacob Leung said that it would be a “trade-off”. If Biden’s tax policy is implemented, the dollar’s outlook will be a bit different. And in turn, the whole market sentiment may not be that bullish.

Market Summary: Sharp Fall of Gold Price amid Elevated Treasury Yields | ZFX

ZFX: Sharp fall of gold price amid elevated Treasury yields

Stocks in Asia-Pacific markets were generally good, following the momentum last week despite currently the slight correction of the US futures. The dollar index is trading at 90.4 level, rallying from the low of 89.21. European stocks are expected to be a mixed opening on Monday, based on a bit cautious sentiment.


ZFX: Weak dollar may dominate the market in the new year opening

Bitcoin has made another record, breaking $30000 mark over the weekend, touching $34000 level. It has jumped over 300% in 2020, which is another crazy move since 2017. While many investors believe that such move is abnormal, may be the biggest market bubble so far, some of them still consider that bitcoin is a market chance.


ZFX: Weak dollar amid easing policies, dollar index is testing 90

ZFX analyst Jacob Leung said that weak dollar and higher commodity prices are the typical outcomes from those stimulus measures in the US, at least according to the experiences in 2009 to 2011. We should have a look at Bitcoin, that has been pushed up to $26000-27000 level, reflecting the hedging needs and the distrust of those main central banks in the world.

Chuyên gia phân tích | Triển vọng thị trường ZFX

ZFX: Markets were mixed amid the US stimulus bill

Overall, the risk appetite from the $900 billion of the coronavirus stimulus bill was overshadowed. In other words, it may be a typical “buy the rumor sell the news” as such “bullish” has been “priced in”. The dollar, which is deemed as the only “relative” safe haven, may go further stronger if the uncertainties remain.