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On Monday, Asian stock markets are all trading higher as investors are optimistic towards the deal of 15 economies in the region that formed the largest trade alliance in the world. The trade deal, called “The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partners...View More
In FX market, the performance of the greenback was mixed as well. Hopes on the relief bill lowered the safe-haven demand in the market while those riskier currencies like Aussie was favored with such situation, bouncing to 0.7130 level above. On the ...View More
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Overall, market sentiment is cautious. Traders are reviewing the risks over those issues like the UK-EU talks, the rapid spread of coronavirus, and the progress toward the US stimulus. The dollar strengthened as investors are seeking the haven curren...View More
In the coming days, political uncertainties will keep investors on guard. Only very few traders will now expect the US Congress will make any deal regarding the stimulus package, especially before the election. On the other hand, investors now also a...View More
The European Stock markets are opening lower, as the resurgences of coronavirus pandemic added fears of another lockdown measures in those regions. The WHO warned that the situation is “very serious”, further triggering the concerns over the economic...View More