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Trading case

Foreign exchange and CFDs are two-way transactions, both go long and go short. In simple terms, if you think the exchange rate or index will rise, to buy; if you think it will fall, to sell. If the direction of judgment is correct, you can profit. You can refer to the following "euro dollar" trading examples, to understand the relevant computing principles.

Calculation formula:

Total profit = (selling price - bid price) x contract unit x trading lots
标准客户A Normal customerA:Deposit 100,000USD, buy EURUSD 10 hands
入金100,000USD,买入EURUSD 10手
Profit:(1.23556-1.23456)×100000×10= 1000 USD
标准客户B Normal customerB:Deposit 130,00USD, selling crude oil 10 hands
Profit:(40.00-39.00)×1000×10= 10,000 USD