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Contract For Difference introduce

Contract for Difference (CFD) is a contract for both parties (traders and customers) to trade at the difference between the market price (open price) and the contract price (closing price) of the trading product covered by CFD. CFD is a financial derivative that allows traders to profit from related transaction prices and declines. CFD trading is similar to traditional transactions, and the difference is that there is no need to buy actual stocks, currencies or commodities.

cash fund trading

Margin trading allows you to invest in a small amount of money to trade. When the market moves in the expected direction, through the lever it can increase profits. On the contrary it will cause increased losses. Therefore need to pay attention to the use of leverage: risk management is very important.

Stock, commodity, index and currency
CFD (CFD) - This is a comprehensive financial tool that is very popular in recent years. Through CFD, it is unnececssary to hand products, but merchandise price changement. CFD can not only trade stocks, but also trading stock index, foreign exchange and Commodity.
Not only go long,but also go short
CFDs are a flexible investment tool. If you expect the uptrend, buy CFD to get the proceeds. You can also sell CFD. If you go long stock CFD on the payment date (ex-dividend date), you will get a bonus. Otherwise,the account will be deducted bonus.
Portfolio hedge

If you think your stock will fall but do not want to sell, you can hedge the risk by making a reverse position. As a profit or loss in one direction will compensate for the loss or profit of another position. Compared with the sale of real assets, the cost of hedging is lower than the redemption.

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