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Introduction of Forex

Forex trading is a country currency exchange with another country currency, known as the "foreign exchange" or "FX" market, is the world's largest financial market, the average daily trading volume of $ 7 trillion in the capital turnover - - equivalent to more than 30 times the sum of all US securities market transactions. There is no central exchange, but through the banking, business and personal electronic network transactions. Is also one of our most important trading products.

24X5 环球市场

24X5 Global market

The foreign exchange market in the global market is uninterrupted, from the New Zealand market to the New York market, across all the world time zone, the transaction does not stop, you can choose according to their own time trading time.


Two-way trading and profit

You can choose to go long or go short, regardless of price rose or fell, you can trade with profit.Two-way transactions, to provide you with unlimited choice, but also provides more than other products profit margins.


The largest market

As the foreign exchange market daily trading volume is 7 trillion US dollars, and most of the transaction is only concentrated in a few currencies, so always there is a large number of people to trade. This allows the trader to change at any time according to the trend, approach or leave flexible.


The fairest market

Benefit from the huge volume and no center of the characteristics, no one can manipulate the foreign exchange market, which is far superior to securities, futures and other trading products, and that is the biggest advantage of the foreign exchange market.


Low cost and threshold

Foreign exchange accounts are exempted from the commission, and the Bid-Ask Spread is very low. The minimum transaction is 0.01 lot, the transaction threshold is very low.


Leveraged transactions

You can choose a larger lever to trade foreign exchange, even the smallest changes in the market, you can also fully use, to enlarge it into a huge revenue space.

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