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Jonsen Gong

Jonsen Gong —— Senior Gold Analyst

1. Traded in the Forex, Precious metals, Futures, Stocks and other financial industry for more than 20 years; specialized in trend analysis and risk management, wave theory; strict execution in trending and Bollinger bands channel principle.

2. Predicted the gold collapse in 2013; stated the theory about when the market collapse, the profit speed would be faster.

3. According to long term trading experience, summarized the trending trading strategy(uptrend/downtrend); past winning ratio was round 60-70%; lose /win ratio is 1:2.

4. Owned certificate of stocks, futures, gold; written analysis articles for “Hong Kong Financial Summit”, ”Futures Daily”, ”Chinese Futures” and other famous media.

5. Awarded “Best Strategic Analyst in Hong Kong”.

Jonsen Gong —— 高级黄金投资分析师