Brand Story

Zeal Group, a FinTech institution specializing in the research and development of trading platform technology, is led by STANISLAV EFREMOV, the Executive Director of the Company with extensive experience in product development, trading infrastructure and corporate governance.

Founded in 2017, ZFX recruits’ elites from all sectors and experienced financial experts worldwide, focusing on integrating product development and customers’ needs. More than just satisfying the customer-led market and enhancing users’ experience, it keeps pursuing to maximum efficiency.

Message from our Executive Director – Stanislav Efremov 

A certain extent of inherent culture and rigid business environment are widespread in any well-developed industry. Within time, these can prove to become limitations.

The stability and security of the platform should not be the client’s consideration anymore, as these are just the basics. Transparency and the fair-trading environment are what clients have come to expect.

We believe that the future development of our industry should be based on our clients and through our interaction with those clients.

We have a vision to create close cooperation and understanding between clients and platform. Through our established technology and constant innovation can bring an institutional level of execution to the retail market.We believe our participation will be the breath of fresh air that this industry needs.

Four Core Elements