Fairness is the Origin of Successful Trading

Fairness is the Origin of Successful Trading

Fairness is the Origin of Successful Trading

Fairness is the Origin of Successful Trading

About Us

Zeal group of companies (collectively Zeal Group) is a business portfolio comprising regulated financial institutions (trading as ZFX) and fintech companies specializing in multi-asset liquidity solutions in regulated markets backed by proprietary technology, with presence in major global locations.

Founded by a group of veteran traders with decades-long experience in the industry who not only share appreciation for the complexity the world of financial trading itself may present but also have the expertise and commitment to change, Zeal has a deep-rooted existential reason and has set its goal to deliver multi-asset trading services of next level to retail and institutional investors alike.

By not actively assuming market risk, ZFX consistently focuses on sourcing the best prices in the institutional marketplace using cutting edge technology and providing best in class trading services to ensure that the outcome of every trade executed at Zeal is purely the result determined by the market. The transparency in pricing ensures that Zeal is mainly compensated for its broking services through markups. 

Core Technology

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Zeal Group has eight global offices on three continents in prime locations and growing. Zeal Capital Market has international offices in London, Taipei, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, and more. Zeal Technology Solutions offices are in Hong Kong and Moscow. Through the knowledge and experience of our local teams, ZFX is uniquely equipped to support clients’ growing needs for superb financial services.

Our Product


With an average daily trading volume of approximately US$5 trillion, FX market is the world’s largest financial market.

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Stock indices are the “barometer” of the overall performance of the financial market conditions.

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The Commodities market involves trading of raw materials that have tangible impact in the world.

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Backed by blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies have gained popularity in the investment world at an unprecedented level.

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Stock trading of the world’s Top 500 enterprises

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Zeal Technology solution

Zeal Technology Solutions Limited is a team of over 30 developers, coders, and FinTech experts based in Hong Kong and Moscow. Zeal Technology’s mission is to build sophisticated back end connectivity, execution, aggregation, and CRM tools to meet the growing needs of institutional and professional clients worldwide.

Institution Offering

Zeal Group is cross-connected with the world’s leading liquidity provider, the global data centres in London (LD4), Tokyo (TY3), and New York (NY4), and we are co-connected to the Equinix Data Center.


Customized Price Feeds

High Frequency Traders (HFT)


Our partners’ success and growth rely on our seriousness in building long-term win-win relationships with clients, IB’s, Fund Managers, and Marketing Affiliates. As a globally regulated broker, we around the clock to ensure a client-centric, safe, and well regulated advanced environment for all our key stakeholders. Therefore, we have tools that help our partners grow and build a long-lasting future.