Jacob Leung

Graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with Business Studies, Mr. LEUNG Kai Chun, Jacob, has over 10 years of trading experience in Forex. As a specialist in Precious Metals and Forex, Jacob always captures the market sentiment with precise insight. In 2013, he was titled as the Precious Metal Trades Í CAPITAL WEEKLY winner with a 438% investment return and be rewarded again in 2015. His accurate investment strategy has made his name. Today, Jacob has participated in over 100 seminars and often contributes to various mass media, being popular among Hong Kong and China. Jacob currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Zeal Capital Market (ZFX), being responsible for the Company’s investment strategic analysis. Displaying an attitude with confidence, he shared with us his vision under the outbreak of COVID-19 and provided solutions for any unforeseeable challenges.

ZFX: Uncertainties fray investor nerves! Wall Street retraced

ZFX analyst Jacob Leung said that, even the vaccine sounds very positive to the market, however, investors may realize that the economies cannot be recovered as fast as expected. The market may has already “priced-in” such situation if we look at the current level of all indexes around the world. And, that may be why investor nerves are always being tested. View more

ZFX: Risk-on mode returns! Stock markets boom

On Monday, Asian stock markets are all trading higher as investors are optimistic towards the deal of 15 economies in the region that formed the largest trade alliance in the world. The trade deal, called “The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, RCEP”, is to mainly reduce tariffs across many areas. View more

ZFX: Markets were under correction as investors temper vaccine optimism

On Wednesday, the Wall Street was mixed, while the Dow fell just 23 points, but the Nasdaq bounced back 2% from the recent weakness. So, tech stocks on Thursday were good after the rebound overnight stateside. However, the stock markets are still struggling, waiting for further hints leading the direction. View more

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ZFX: Vaccine boost! Investors bet on the return of bull market

Gold price was the other focus on Monday as it tumbled over 5%, as much as $100 per ounce, after the positive development result. The sell-off pressure was mainly related to the risk appetite in the whole financial market, that significantly lower the safe haven demand for Gold. Furthermore, the news lowered the dovish expectation from Fed, even the other central banks, a more aggressive approach in the monetary policies, boosting the greenback. The dollar index bounced back from around 92 level, steadied at around 92.7 on Tuesday. View more

ZFX: Uncertainties maintained! Investors bet on Biden’s win, with divided US Congress

On Friday, investors are cautious watching the final results from the US election, even the early birds have already bet on Biden’s win these two days. Based on the latest record, Biden has racked up 253 electoral votes, closed to the White House. Few battleground states such as Arizona and Pennsylvania are the focus so far, and the prediction is favored to Biden side. View more

ZFX: Fears arise! Risk aversion dominates these day

ZFX analyst Jacob Leung said that, the market may be reacting on Trump's win. The first thing we can expect is that the China-US tensions may be rapidly escalated next year, no matter in economic, political, military and technological aspects. View more

ZFX: Relief bill is coming ahead? Optimism resumes

In FX market, the performance of the greenback was mixed as well. Hopes on the relief bill lowered the safe-haven demand in the market while those riskier currencies like Aussie was favored with such situation, bouncing to 0.7130 level above. On the other hand, the talk of the EU-UK deal was still uncertain, weighing on sentiment over the Euro and Sterling. View more

ZFX: Uncertainties stay in focus! Cautious investors are trading in a sensitive market

Over these days, there were no new market watch in the financial market. Generally, markets were running in a ranging pattern, with no bullish or bearish driver dominated. Of course, the US election is the most eye-catching. The coming Presidential debate is the key focus this week on 22th Oct. ZFX analyst Jacob Leung said that, it would be a “super” battle as it is the last debate. The recent polls showed that Biden's support was weakened by the “email scandal"of his son, Hunter Biden. Investors are paying close attention to the issues and how the coming polls is going. View more

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ZFX: Uncertainties all around! Stubborn optimism maintained

Overall, market sentiment is cautious. Traders are reviewing the risks over those issues like the UK-EU talks, the rapid spread of coronavirus, and the progress toward the US stimulus. The dollar strengthened as investors are seeking the haven currency. Dollar index hit 93.9 last night. Countries in Europe are now reimplementing lockdown measures to tackle with the surging coronavirus cases, hurting the sentiment over Sterling and Euro. View more