• What is the difference between demo account and real account?

    The only difference between demo account and real account is that the demo account transactions are using virtual funds. The term "demo" means that the funds in the account are virtual. In addition, the currency quotes, charts, and currency reviews in the demo account are synchronized with the real account. The demo account is completely free. Now open an account?

  • Do I need give poundage when open an account?

    Open an account is free. After open account, we will send you username and password by email and message. Easy to know and operate. After deposit, you can invest immediately.

  • Does Zeal Capital account safe?

    Zeal Capital use SSL technology (It is security standard for mail sent online by Netscape Communications Inc.). It is safety system that can send safety, receive private relate information, credit card number and secret company email

  • Can I registration multiple account by using one telephone number and ID card number?

    One telephone and ID card number only can registration one real trading account. If any question, please contact our customer service.

  • How to get a demo account?

    If you want get a MT4 demo account with $50000 dollars, you can click “ open a demo account” suspend button at right on every page or homepage banner downside. You only need put your information easily and submit it. You can download MT4 trading platform, and start learn forex transactions.

  • How long it will takes to open a real account?

    It only need full fill a easy format excel to open a real account. After finished, you will get account information within 5 minutes and trading can start within 24 hours.

  • Can I get profit from demo account?

    Sorry, you can’t. Demo account only for virtual funds transaction practise. Because it is not “real” currency, we can’t pay customer profit with demo account.

  • Where I can check details of transactions?

    Login customer center, click trading management>trading report to check.

  • How to notice customer if market closed?

    Hi, about marketing close notification, we will publish it on our “ latest notice”, for details please read information

  • How many currency support?


  • What is the spreads for main currency?

    The spread of main currency is minimum, however, the spread will be float when market with big floating or clam of tradings.

  • How can I know currency is increasing or decreasing?

    The currency is floating and hard to predict. Because of floating, no system can make sure your forex trading must with profit, and can’t make sure every transactions ends for good.

  • What is Forex?

    Forex means of payment expressed in foreign currencies and can be used for international settlement. Foreign exchange investment refers to the exchange behavior of different currencies conducted by investors in order to obtain investment returns.

  • How to check trading order?

    You can login in MT4 trading account, click account history to check checking trading orders.

  • Is there any limitation about amount and time?

    There is no limitation, we are working 24 hours. You can withdraw money if your account with balance. Welcome to contact with us at anytime.

  • What material need to offer with withdrawing?

    You need offer us copy of ID card and bank card to verify, band with account and funds at the same time when withdraw at first time.

  • If the bank information is wrong, can withdraw successfully?

    The bank information must exactly same as ID card, if wrong, withdraw will fail to apply.

  • Which payment way is workable if I want deposit?

    You can pay it through T/T or Union pay.

  • How much is the lowest deposit of Zapial Capital account?

    The lowest deposit is $500 for new account. Please check for detailsAccount Type

  • Is there poundage for depositing?

    Free for Union Pay.
    Bank will charge poundage by T/T payment, and we will return the poundage to your MT4 account.
    The withdrawing poundage for T/T base on bank.

  • Does USD dollar must for deposit, if I only have RMB?

    Working time before 17:00, money will return to your bank within 2 hours.

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    If your bank already open network bank function, you can deposit RMB directly base on real-time exchange rate.

  • How can I contact with you?

    Please contact with us by email or our online customer service. We will contact with your within 24 hours.