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Risk Warning Statement

Trading online financial products through margin involves potential profits and losses not workable for all investors. High leverage can help the customer to make substantial profit or losses, and the loss may exceed the initial guarantee amount. The trading price floating of online financial investment products is affected by many global factors, so please consider your investment objectives, experience levels and risks before you make an investment decision. The customer shall thoroughly understand all risks associated with the sale and purchase of online financial investment products and if any questions, please seek advice from the independent financial adviser or the Commissioner of legal affairs.

Margin Trading

1 leveraged Trading

Online financial investment products deal with high risk. The initial margin may be smaller relative to foreign currency prices, when the transaction is leveraged. Even a relatively small change in the market may have a relatively large impact on the money that has been or will be deposited by the customer, which may be advantageous to the customer, and may be detrimental. The customer may need to receive initial margin and any additional loss of funds because need to continue holding the position. If the market moves against your position or reduce the margin level, customers may not be timely margin to maintain the position, resulting in the loss of cases is responsible for the customer will have to liquidate positions, caused by the loss.

2 An order or strategy to reduce risk

Certain orders, such as a stop loss order or a stop loss limit order, may be issued that are not intended to be effective or have not been implemented. If the order is a stop loss order, there is no guarantee that the order will be executed at the limit or will be executed. Some positions merger strategy, such as post or straddle may simply "long" or "short" have the same risk.

3 Risks of other FOREX and CFD contract transactions

3.1 Marketing opinion

All views, news, research, analysis, prices or other data from Forex and contract trading dealers are only for general market reviews and do not constitute investment advice. Z will not undertake any loss or damage that may result from the direct or indirect use or reliance on the above data, including any loss of profits.

3.2 Online Transaction Risk

Trading system through the Internet transaction, it is inevitable to face the risks involved, including hardware, software and network failure. The reliability of the signal, the Internet between the receiving circuit and equipment configuration and connection system, is not controlled by Z, the company will not responsible for internet trading when communication fault, distortion and delay. The Z employs backup systems and contingency plans to reduce possibility of system failure.

3.3 OTC

In certain jurisdictions, and in limited circumstances, the company may be allowed OTC transactions. These companies may increase the risk of investment, because the company would be competitor, OTC trading is generally less regulated or supervised by independent regulatory bodies. Therefore, in dealing with the transaction, the customer must be detailed understanding of the trading rules and possible risks.

3.4 Transactions in other jurisdictions

Transactions in other jurisdiction markets, including markets that are officially connected to the local market, customer may suffer additional risks. Under those market rules, investors may be protected differently or even lower the protection of investors. Before starting the transaction, the customer should ask for any rules relating to transactions. The local regulatory authority of the customer will not be able to enforce the regulations of the management or market of the other jurisdictions in which the customer transactions are located. The customer shall determine and understand the compensation available at local place and other jurisdictions prior for the transaction.

3.5 Commission and other charges

Before transaction, the customer should be aware of all commissions, charges, and other payment. These charges will affect the customer's net profit (if any), or increase customer losses.

3.6 Suspend or limit the relationship between transactions and pricing

Marketing conditions (e.g. liquidity), or the operation of the market and some regulations (for example, due to the price limit or stop caused by any precious metals trading suspension) may increase the risk of loss because it is difficult or impossible for transaction. Moreover, the normal price relationship between the related funds and the precious metals may not exist, lack of reference quotation of related funds which makes the fair price difficult to judge.

3.7 Currency Risk

In foreign currency transactions (if the transaction is in the customer's local or other jurisdictions), if currency exchange necessary, customer incomes or profit will be affected by floating of exchange rate.

3.8 Risk of force majeure

Customers are reminded that if the trading activities are disturbed by force majeure, the customer's order may not be executed or executed under relatively insufficient circumstances. In case of force majeure including but not limited to:

(1) quoted sources was temporarily closed, damage or other circumstances to stop working;

(2) in the corresponding transaction market, foreign exchange price changes or loss of liquidity;

(3) impact of the global market, the global market will improve a certain proportion of the margin in the special case of expenses and losses incurred, belongs to the normal market mechanism, Z company does not undertake any responsibility; (but should be timely notice and inform);

(4) report released macroeconomic data released, or other political and economic aspects of information, have significant effects on the the price of gold and silver;

(5) due to damage to hardware, hardware, resulting in electronic trading system can not operate normally, Z company does not undertake any responsibility;

(6) the network provider led to the failure of the Internet. Failure to accept;

(7) decisions and orders of the State Administration;

(8) paralysis of the telecommunications system.

Customer comments

This agreement is legally binding. Please review it carefully.

This is the law of contract is legal by the New Zealand Zeal Capital Market Limited (hereinafter referred to as shengfuhua (Z) Company Limited) (hereinafter referred to as "Z"), make this contraction with customer together (hereinafter referred to as the "customer"). About open an account in Z to invest or purchase OTC FOREX and CFD (under the name "OTC")on OTC market, the customer to confirm the understanding of the following factors concerning trading in leveraged OTC, and to provide customers with the risk disclosure statement.

1. OTC transactions are only suitable for professional institutions or persons who can afford or exceed the value of margin or deposit value.

2. OTC's business is not on an organized market, so there is no need to make a public outcry. Although many computer based systems offer bids and actual prices, these two may vary due to market liquidity. Many electronic trading facilities are supported by computer based systems for trading, ordering, executing, and matching. Like all facilities and systems, they are vulnerable to temporary failures. The ability of the customer to recover certain losses may be limited by the limited liability of the system provider, the market bank or the financial institution. These responsibilities may not be the same.

3. in the OTC market, the company does not only exchange over-the-counter trading. A company that deals with clients may also be competitors. (in this case) liquidation, evaluation of value, determination of fair value, or assessment of risk exposure can be difficult or impossible. For these reasons, such transactions may involve greater risks. Outside trading may be less regulated or regulated by different regulatory systems. Before starting the transaction, the customer should understand the applicable regulations and the accompanying risks.

4. no one can guarantee the credibility of customers' competitors. Z will do its best to deal only with reputable institutions and clearing houses. In addition, there may be a case where a reduction in transaction liquidity results in the cessation of bullion trading, thereby impeding the positions of close can result big financial losses.

5. customers to confirm the purchase or sell gold and silver including transactions, each transaction are credited to the customer's account.

6. Z's margin policy, as well as the policy of the agency / clearing department that implements the transaction, may require the client to provide additional funds to maintain its margin account, and the customer is obligated to meet such margin requirements. Otherwise, it will result in liquidation of the position and corresponding losses. Z reserves the right to refuse an order or to provide market hedging.

7. transactions in an electronic trading system may not only differ from those in the inter bank market, but may also differ from transactions performed by other companies in the electronic system. If clients engage in transactions on an electronic platform, the customer will face risks associated with the system, including hardware and software failures. System failures may result in customer orders difficult to execute or cannot execute in accordance with customer instructions.

8. if the client trading authority or the account management to the third party (hereinafter referred to as "agent"), whether on a discretionary or non discretionary basis, Z will not make a choice for the customer or to make any recommendation. Z is not the transaction broker makes no representations or warranties; Z is not responsible for the behavior of trading because the recommended customer loss; Z does not make any reference transaction mode of operation directly or indirectly support or approval. If the customer is authorized to manage its customer referrals account, customers need to bear the risk.

9. the client should fully comply with local legislation, including compliance with the area or any other jurisdiction shall comply with the procedures and obtain the consent of the government in the region or other aspects of the transaction, and because the use of this platform and the need to pay any taxes, local tariffs and other amount. Transactions conducted by the customer on this platform will be deemed to be made by the customer to Z and guaranteed to comply with local laws and regulations. If the customer has any doubt about the situation, please refer to the professional consultant.

10. all customers must realize that any return guarantee is illegal. In addition, Z is not responsible for claims or warranties made by any Z, its employees or associates unless there is a written record.