Privacy clause

It is one of our primary responsibilities to protect the privacy of our customers and visitors and to ensure the safety of our personal and financial information. The following privacy statement explains how Treasury banking collects and protects your information. Referred to here as the "ZFX", including all of the group's companies and departments, including the ZFX.com. According to the privacy statement, once you have opened an account or used our website in the ZFX Exchange, it means that you agree to collect and use your personal information in accordance with the content of the privacy agreement.

Personal information collection

We obtain your personal information directly from you, directly or through your relationship with us. Department of ZFX may be information gleaned from your application: confirm your identity and contact information, open your trading account, set up a trading account and password, maintain your account activity, according to the account information to contact you for you, or other causes. This information can also help us improve the quality of service, provide personalized browsing experience, and send you other products, services, discounts and other information that you may be interested in.

Most of the information we obtain is directly from you, including your name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail and other contact information. In addition, we also collected according to the law can identify your identity information, including your social security number, passport number or number. In the meantime, we also collect your personal background information when you open an account, including sex, date of birth, education and employment status. Our regulatory authorities also require us to evaluate your trading experience, annual gross income, net income and acceptable risk capital, and assess your financial position through all this information.

How would you like us to provide such information, including: submit an account application and related documents, send us an email, or submit information to us for a special offer?.

The information we collect from you indirectly includes your IP address, browser type, operating system, network provider, server clock, and transaction record.

If you cancel the account, the financial department will retain your information, but only in compliance with the provisions of the regulatory authorities, as well as in regular contact with you and provide the opportunity to re open an account or participate in other promotions will use case.


We use Cookie and web beacons (also called network behavior label or single pixel GIF picture), and other technology (referred to Cookie), available data to improve your user experience and help us better understand your. Cookie is a small text file that is issued by the network server and may be stored on your computer. Through the Cookie we can understand you to visit our website, visit the website page, access time, and when we receive from your web browser to a page access request identification when you are logged in. We may refer to the information stored in Cookie to the personal identification information you submitted on our website. We will never disclose this information to any third parties. Cookie can read and contain no personal information without any account or password information. We cannot and do not want to collect your browsing information on other websites.

We may target Internet advertising and share information about our website with reputable advertising companies. Shared information should not be used for personal identification. We may also use third party software to track and analyze access and traffic data, including page requests, table requests, and click paths, which may represent the multicast finance settings Cookies.

All web browsers allow you to set blocked cookie. If your web browser is set to allow Cookie, you agree that we use Cookie in the above way. If you choose to block Cookie, you can still use our service, but some functions may not run in the way originally designed.

Share personal information with ZFX subsidiaries and partners

Except for the following circumstances, the ZFX shall not, for any reason, sell, license, rent or disclose your personal information to any subsidiary body or third party:

If you provide your request to obtain a product or service, or to provide the opportunity to use provided by our affiliate product or service to you when you need to use your personal information, the Department of Finance and its affiliates can share this information.

To improve service quality, we may hire other companies to handle some internal affairs, such as account processing, execution, customer service, customer satisfaction survey, or other data acquisition related to our business. We may also provide the database of customer information to nonaffiliated third parties, including your name, address, phone number, email, to help us analyze and identify customer requirements and notify the information of products and service, or the implementation of general marketing and market research.

We also work with non affiliated third parties to provide valuable quality products and services to our customer service. To ensure that such products and services meet your needs and provide them in an efficient and appropriate manner, the financial exchange may share some of your personal information with these non affiliated third parties.

For those with the Department of ZFX to share all non affiliated third party your nonpublic personal information, we will ask them to agree to your information confidential and used only for limited purposes, cooperate with all, or for the purpose of abide by the law. In addition, when you provide products or services in a non affiliated third direction, we usually ask them to disclose this product. The extension of the service is due to your relationship with the various sinks. We also aim to ensure that these non affiliated third parties implement appropriate data security measures to ensure that no personal information is received without permission.

In the event that the law requires the provision of relevant information to regulators, law enforcement agencies, or other government agencies, the ZFX reserves the right to present your personal information to third parties. In addition, we may also disclose your information for the purpose of credit review or collection agent, or for the protection of our rights or property needs.

If at any time you choose to buy another company's products or services, such as financial department website owned or controlled by the advertisement by clicking on the public, between you and the company to share personal information will no longer be our privacy constraints. We are not responsible for the privacy policies or content of the linked websites, and can not control the use of the information you provide or those sites, and protect them. Whenever you choose to link to a joint site or visit a link site, you may be asked to provide registration or other information. Please note that the information you provide will be submitted to the third party, and you must first familiarize yourself with the privacy policy announced by the third party.

Change and exit of privacy statements

The revised privacy statement will be posted to the site immediately after the change in the content of this privacy statement has been made by the ZFX entity. By opening an account with us, you agree to notify us of the actual electronic notice of the amendment to the privacy statement posted on the website.

In some cases, for example, we share your personal information with non affiliated third parties, and you can contact us via the following links to inform us that you wish to exit". For joint accounts, the withdrawal decision of one of the account holders may be applicable to all holders of the joint account. If you have more than one account in your collection, you will have to submit an individual withdrawal request for each account.

Any dispute arising out of a privacy statement must be governed by this notice and the client agreement of the ZFX exchange. If you have any other questions which have not been mentioned in this statement, please contact our customer service representative.