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Zeal Capital customer protocol

ZFX, Full name: Zeal Capital Market Limited, company number 4414019, we are provide invest business with Fores, commodities and indices for global market, our business regulated by New Zealand [FSP] , regulation No. 297666; (New Zealand Department of Public Finance Co. Ltd. hereinafter referred to as Z). This customer protocol (hereinafter referred to as the "protocol") written description of the terms and conditions are applicable to the name of the client in the Z open trading account (hereinafter referred to as the "customer"), for customers used in forex and CFD electronic transactions, and state the client log on the official website of Z, trading platform, use rights and account services get after sales supporting. All transactions are subject to the terms and conditions of this protocol. The client and Z shall also comply with and implement any additional terms and conditions duly authorized by the board of directors of the Z.

Risk Warning Statement

Trading online financial products through margin involves potential profits and losses not workable for all investors. High leverage can help the customer to make substantial profit or losses, and the loss may exceed the initial guarantee amount. The trading price floating of online financial investment products is affected by many global factors, so please consider your investment objectives, experience levels and risks before you make an investment decision. The customer shall thoroughly understand all risks associated with the sale and purchase of online financial investment products and if any questions, please seek advice from the independent financial adviser or the Commissioner of legal affairs.

Margin Trading

1 leveraged Trading

Online financial investment products deal with high risk. The initial margin may be smaller relative to foreign currency prices, when the transaction is leveraged. Even a relatively small change in the market may have a relatively large impact on the money that has been or will be deposited by the customer, which may be advantageous to the customer, and may be detrimental. The customer may need to receive initial margin and any additional loss of funds because need to continue holding the position. If the market moves against your position or reduce the margin level, customers may not be timely margin to maintain the position, resulting in the loss of cases is responsible for the customer will have to liquidate positions, caused by the loss.

2 An order or strategy to reduce risk

Certain orders, such as a stop loss order or a stop loss limit order, may be issued that are not intended to be effective or have not been implemented. If the order is a stop loss order, there is no guarantee that the order will be executed at the limit or will be executed. Some positions merger strategy, such as post or straddle may simply "long" or "short" have the same risk.

3 Risks of other FOREX and CFD contract transactions

3.1 Marketing opinion

All views, news, research, analysis, prices or other data from Forex and contract trading dealers are only for general market reviews and do not constitute investment advice. Z will not undertake any loss or damage that may result from the direct or indirect use or reliance on the above data, including any loss of profits.

3.2 Online Transaction Risk

Trading system through the Internet transaction, it is inevitable to face the risks involved, including hardware, software and network failure. The reliability of the signal, the Internet between the receiving circuit and equipment configuration and connection system, is not controlled by Z, the company will not responsible for internet trading when communication fault, distortion and delay. The Z employs backup systems and contingency plans to reduce possibility of system failure.

3.3 OTC

In certain jurisdictions, and in limited circumstances, the company may be allowed OTC transactions. These companies may increase the risk of investment, because the company would be competitor, OTC trading is generally less regulated or supervised by independent regulatory bodies. Therefore, in dealing with the transaction, the customer must be detailed understanding of the trading rules and possible risks.

3.4 Transactions in other jurisdictions

Transactions in other jurisdiction markets, including markets that are officially connected to the local market, customer may suffer additional risks. Under those market rules, investors may be protected differently or even lower the protection of investors. Before starting the transaction, the customer should ask for any rules relating to transactions. The local regulatory authority of the customer will not be able to enforce the regulations of the management or market of the other jurisdictions in which the customer transactions are located. The customer shall determine and understand the compensation available at local place and other jurisdictions prior for the transaction.

3.5 Commission and other charges

Before transaction, the customer should be aware of all commissions, charges, and other payment. These charges will affect the customer's net profit (if any), or increase customer losses.

3.6 Suspend or limit the relationship between transactions and pricing

Marketing conditions (e.g. liquidity), or the operation of the market and some regulations (for example, due to the price limit or stop caused by any precious metals trading suspension) may increase the risk of loss because it is difficult or impossible for transaction. Moreover, the normal price relationship between the related funds and the precious metals may not exist, lack of reference quotation of related funds which makes the fair price difficult to judge.

3.7 Currency Risk

In foreign currency transactions (if the transaction is in the customer's local or other jurisdictions), if currency exchange necessary, customer incomes or profit will be affected by floating of exchange rate.

3.8 Risk of force majeure

Customers are reminded that if the trading activities are disturbed by force majeure, the customer's order may not be executed or executed under relatively insufficient circumstances. In case of force majeure including but not limited to: (1) quoted sources was temporarily closed, damage or other circumstances to stop working; (2) in the corresponding transaction market, foreign exchange price changes or loss of liquidity; (3) impact of the global market, the global market will improve a certain proportion of the margin in the special case of expenses and losses incurred, belongs to the normal market mechanism, Z company does not undertake any responsibility; (but should be timely notice and inform) (4) report released macroeconomic data released, or other political and economic aspects of information, have significant effects on the the price of gold and silver; (5) due to damage to hardware, hardware, resulting in electronic trading system can not operate normally, Z company does not undertake any responsibility; (6) the network provider led to the failure of the Internet. Failure to accept; (7) decisions and orders of the State Administration; (8) paralysis of the telecommunications system.

Customer comments

This agreement is legally binding. Please review it carefully. This is the law of contract is legal by the New Zealand Zeal Capital Market Limited (hereinafter referred to as shengfuhua (Z) Company Limited) (hereinafter referred to as "Z"), make this contraction with customer together (hereinafter referred to as the "customer"). About open an account in Z to invest or purchase OTC FOREX and CFD (under the name "OTC")on OTC market, the customer to confirm the understanding of the following factors concerning trading in leveraged OTC, and to provide customers with the risk disclosure statement. 1.OTC transactions are only suitable for professional institutions or persons who can afford or exceed the value of margin or deposit value. 2. OTC's business is not on an organized market, so there is no need to make a public outcry. Although many computer based systems offer bids and actual prices, these two may vary due to market liquidity. Many electronic trading facilities are supported by computer based systems for trading, ordering, executing, and matching. Like all facilities and systems, they are vulnerable to temporary failures. The ability of the customer to recover certain losses may be limited by the limited liability of the system provider, the market bank or the financial institution. These responsibilities may not be the same. 3. in the OTC market, the company does not only exchange over-the-counter trading. A company that deals with clients may also be competitors. (in this case) liquidation, evaluation of value, determination of fair value, or assessment of risk exposure can be difficult or impossible. For these reasons, such transactions may involve greater risks. Outside trading may be less regulated or regulated by different regulatory systems. Before starting the transaction, the customer should understand the applicable regulations and the accompanying risks. 4., no one can guarantee the credibility of customers' competitors. Z will do its best to deal only with reputable institutions and clearing houses. In addition, there may be a case where a reduction in transaction liquidity results in the cessation of bullion trading, thereby impeding the positions of close can result big financial losses. 5. customers to confirm the purchase or sell gold and silver including transactions, each transaction are credited to the customer's account. 6.Z's margin policy, as well as the policy of the agency / clearing department that implements the transaction, may require the client to provide additional funds to maintain its margin account, and the customer is obligated to meet such margin requirements. Otherwise, it will result in liquidation of the position and corresponding losses. Z reserves the right to refuse an order or to provide market hedging. 7. transactions in an electronic trading system may not only differ from those in the inter bank market, but may also differ from transactions performed by other companies in the electronic system. If clients engage in transactions on an electronic platform, the customer will face risks associated with the system, including hardware and software failures. System failures may result in customer orders difficult to execute or cannot execute in accordance with customer instructions. 8. if the client trading authority or the account management to the third party (hereinafter referred to as "agent"), whether on a discretionary or non discretionary basis, Z will not make a choice for the customer or to make any recommendation. Z is not the transaction broker makes no representations or warranties; Z is not responsible for the behavior of trading because the recommended customer loss; Z does not make any reference transaction mode of operation directly or indirectly support or approval. If the customer is authorized to manage its customer referrals account, customers need to bear the risk. 9. the client should fully comply with local legislation, including compliance with the area or any other jurisdiction shall comply with the procedures and obtain the consent of the government in the region or other aspects of the transaction, and because the use of this platform and the need to pay any taxes, local tariffs and other amount. Transactions conducted by the customer on this platform will be deemed to be made by the customer to Z and guaranteed to comply with local laws and regulations. If the customer has any doubt about the situation, please refer to the professional consultant. 10. all customers must realize that any return guarantee is illegal. In addition, Z is not responsible for claims or warranties made by any Z, its employees or associates unless there is a written record.


1. Internet failure

Due to limited Z cannot control signal strength, receive signals through the Internet and routing structure, depending on the customer's equipment or reliability of its connection, communication failures, Z is not responsible for the distortion or delay.

2. Marketing risk and online trading

Forex and CFD with big risks and is not suitable for everyone. Please refer to the customer's agreement for details of the risks. No matter how convenient or efficient online transactions, this does not reduce the risk of transactions.

3. Password protection

The client must keep the passwords secret and ensure that the transaction facilities can’t get by third one. The customer agrees responsible for very instructions by e-mail and all email, verbal or writing instruction to Z via email, even it is by third party send out, these command already verified with customer’s password and account number, according to the Z judgment it is the customer authorized. Z Limited is not responsible for further checking of the authorize and not responsible for the result of action or not action by instructions and the authorize.

4. Quotation Mistake

When some price or dealing price with mistake, Z will not responsible for wrong balance of account by this mistake. This mistake include but not limited: Dealers wrong quotation, not international market quotation, or any other wrong quotation (example: hardware, software or network problems, or the third party wrong files). When you trading leave enough time for executing order and system calculate cash deposit as collateral. If the price too closely between orders execution price or order settings with marketing price, it will lead to other order (no matter what kind of order) send notice of cash deposit as collateral. Z not responsible for cash deposit as collateral notice, balance of account or other account positions by no enough time for system execute order or calculate. It can’t treat as all contents, once quotation or execution mistake, Z keep right to modify and adjust, any about quotation or dealing mistake are dealing by Z company. So customer agree pay if Z loss, if Z with any loss, damage or responsibility.

5. Arbitrage

The platform can’t display correct marketing quotation by error of network, connecting delay and quotation error. Arbitrage and shortchange is the behavior of profiting from a difference due to internet delay, it can’s exist on trading market between customer buy/sell with banker. Z not allow customer do arbitrage and shortchange and other action on our platform. May transaction canceled because of price delay with arbitrage opportunity. Z keep the rights for above relate transaction account to modify and adjust. Z has all rights to decide ask dealer intervention or approval orders or even close account. Z can deal all disputes because of arbitrage or controlling price. Z keep all rights before problems solved. Above action or decision of states will not make Z give up the any rights or compensation for its staff and customers.

6. Price, order execution and platform manipulation

Z limited prohibits any account in any form for its pricing, execution, and platform manipulation. Z Limited reserves the right to investigate and review account, deduct profits from suspect accounts engaged in relate actions. Z Limited reserves the right to correct or adjustment accounts. Z has all rights to decide ask dealer intervention or approval orders or even close account. Z can deal all disputes because of arbitrage or controlling price. Z limited can report such events to relevant regulatory bodies or law enforcement agencies. Z keep all rights before problems solved. Above action or decision of states will not make Z give up the any rights or compensation for its staff and customers.

7. Bankruptcy disclosure

The transactions between customer and Z limited no in the stock exchange. If Z broken, customer recovers relate funds or margin from transactions from z limited, maybe not get prior repay rights. No prior repay rights, customer is unsecured creditor, Z limited will repay customer who with prior rights and then repay others.

Introduce announcement

Z company does not regulate the activities of introducer, any statement made no responsibility for the introducer. Z Co. Ltd and mutual independent broker. Z Co. Ltd and the direct agreement does not establish a relationship between human joint venture or partnership. Introducer is not an agent or employee of Z Co. ltd.. 1 the customer understands and agrees that if customers in Z limited account is introduced by referring to references, may the customer's personal data and other related customers in Z limited account transaction information. The customer understands and agrees that if the customer in Z Co. Ltd. is introduced to account by the introducer, introducer shall not engage in transactions to customer Z limited account, unless authorized by the authorized customer agreement broker transactions on behalf of customers. 2 client understands that referring agent and many sale system, third courses, programs, research or recommendations may not be regulated by a government agency. 3 if the customer had been told or believe that the use of any third party trading system, course, program, or by providing the introducer or any other third party research or recommendations will bring trading profits, client hereby acknowledges, understands that all Forex and CFD, including by any third party transaction system, program, or from the introducer or any other third party research or recommendations of the transaction involves substantial risk of loss. In addition, the Customer acknowledges, understands that all Forex and CFD, including through the program, and the trading system, the course of any third party or by the introducer or any other third party research or recommendations of transactions does not necessarily bring profit, not necessarily to avoid or limit the risk of risk. 4 if the introducer or any other third party to provide gold and silver trading information or advice to customers, Z company will never use such information or advice from the customer is responsible for the loss. 5 the Customer acknowledges that Z Ltd. and any of its associated parties have not made any promises on future profits and losses of the customer's account. Customers understand the risks of foreign exchange and contract trading. 6 Z Ltd. will provide risk disclosure information when new customers open an account. The client must read the information carefully and must not rely on any negative information from other sources. Customer transactions on this platform will be deemed to have read and understood Z Limited risk statement. 7 for customers has been or will be from the introducer or any other non Z company employees get information or advice, Z company can not control, does not support or guarantee about the forex and CFD accuracy or completeness. 8 Z Limited does not support or vouch for the services provided. The employee or agent of Z introducer is not limited, so the customer's responsibility should be verified, rigorous assessment of the introducer before share the service

Customer agreements

Z limited agree customer keep a transaction account, and may offer buying/selling OTC (As defined by above client’s account) through customer account from Z.

1. Clauses and Headings

The term of‘Z limited’include Z company, its branch apartment, heir and assignor. The term of“ customer” is the side who sign this agreement. The term "agreement" includes any other agreements or authorization granted by all clients at any time to maintain the accounts of their Z limited company. This agreement is added as paragraph headings with convenient, it does not limit or affect the application and significance of the provisions of paragraph.

2. Binding effect

This Agreement (including the risk statement, the customer notice and disclaimer, the customer account application and agreement) will continue to be valid, covers all the account at any time to open or re open in Z Co. Ltd., Z Ltd or other heirs, the assignor or affiliates of personnel changes. If the merger, merger or other changes, this Agreement (including any authorization) will adapt to Z Ltd or other heirs or transfer to the interests of the people, and to the customer or their heirs, trustee, manager, legal representatives, successors and assigns a binding force. The client hereby approves all transactions with Z limited prior to the date of this agreement, and agrees that the rights or obligations of the customer in connection with this transaction shall be governed by the terms of this agreement.

3. protocol acceptance

Only after this protocol confirmed and accepted by Z limited and this protocol can be a binding contract between the customer and the Z limited company.

4. Trading Authorization

Z limited can carry out the order and / or issue the market for some or all of the customer's orders. Z Limited is authorized to buy or sell OTC for client's account, such as bank, institution or senior participant, in accordance with customer's oral, written or computer instructions. Unless a written objection is made by the customer, Z Ltd. is authorized to execute all orders with the counterparty, such as the bank, financial institution or senior participant, considered by Z Ltd. As long as the Z company does not receive a written notice to the customer to inform against the authorized person (including customers, partners and senior staff of the statutory responsible person) authorized, Z Ltd will be regarded as the customer agrees to Z limited right according to customer or its authorized person issued instructions to buy or sell OTC. Customer authorization Z Limited is based on and carries out any instructions, authority or information derived from the licensors. The resulting method is transmitted electronically. The customer agrees: 1) Z Co. Ltd., authorized instructions, effective and do not need to consult the relevant instructions and the instructions as written instructions issued by the authorized person; 2) in any case, signed Z Limited does not need to verify the validity of the instructions or in any particular case; 3) to work the integrity of the Z company and no negligence, the customer will be liable for all by any representative, employee, or agent of a risk unapproved indication, customers will be for any loss, damage, expenses, fees, funds, claims, litigation or asking for, and to ensure that no liability or to claim compensation Z company and Z Company Limited is not due to the above situation caused by the loss, including any related or produced by Z Co. Ltd., the actual action of delayed action or refused to take action, provided by the customer Any instructions or information given to Z limited, including improper, unauthorized or fraudulent instructions issued by the employee, agent or representative of the customer, even if the instructions are not authorized by the customer. 4) Z Limited has the right to limit the total number of orders placed by a customer. Z Limited reserves the right to limit the amount and / or total amount of money a customer obtains or holds. Z Limited will endeavor to execute its order of acceptance in accordance with the instructions of the customer's computer or recording telephone. Z Limited reserves the right to reject any order or guarantee market hedging. However, the loss or damage caused by the event, behavior of Z limited company will not be responsible for any Z company can not be directly or indirectly controlled by or behavior, which includes but not limited to loss or damage due to any transmission or communication facilities caused by the failure of the order or information transmission delay or inaccuracy caused by.

5. Rules between groups

All transactions under this protocol are governed by the organization of the trade competitors or other bank market (and its liquidation organization, if applicable), habits, usage, and interpretation of the Charter, ruling rules, regulations, provisions, and comply with applicable law. If any decrees passed, or any rules passed by government, binding on the Z Co. Ltd., influence or conflict to any provision of this protocol, the affected clause will be modified or replaced by relevant laws and regulations, other and modified clause still effective. The Customer admit all transactions under this protocol are subject to the foregoing regulatory requirements.

6. Cross trading agreements

Customer admit and agree below situation will be suffer: anyone related with Z Co. Ltd., a sales staff, directors, employees, associates, affiliates, bank or bank employees, dealers and the Z company itself may be customer account transactions opponent agent or as a principal. The client hereby agrees to the above transactions, the only limitation is that banks, institutions, exchange or Exchange Commission on the implementation of orders of any Ordinance or regulations, any restrictions and conditions or other regulatory agencies.

7.Account discharge and repayment of arrears

In case of the following situations: (1) customer declared no death or judicial ability; (2) customers to apply for bankruptcy, or appointed custodian or client automatically or passively any bankruptcy or similar proceedings; (3) the seizure of any account opened in the customer Z Co. Ltd.; (4) insufficient margin, or Z Co. Ltd. for protecting customers to identify any one or more accounts is not enough to guarantee the collateral accounts, regardless of current market quotations; (5) the client fails to provide any information requested under this agreement is limited to Z; (6) the situation changes or any other Z company shall take protective measures the Z company has the sole discretion to take the following one or more actions: (a) by Z Co. Ltd. on behalf of client save or control of funds or property to satisfy the customers directly or guarantee to limit public Z Liabilities of the company; (two) buying and selling any position of the financial products held by the customer; (three) cancel any or all outstanding orders or any other commitments made in the name of the customer. Take any of the above actions may not be listed as the following conditions: the requirements for margin or additional margin, without prior notice of sale or purchase decision, notify the customer the customer's personal representatives, heirs, the principal or the transfer of people, regardless of whether the ownership interest involves customers alone or jointly with others. In discharge customer's long or short positions in order to establish the Z limited judgment that is beneficial to protect or reduce existing positions spread or straddle. According to Z company's judgment and discretion, trading behavior described here may be conducted by any bank or other regular business market, auction or private sale, Z company can buy in whole or in part without any right of redemption. The Z company, customers will be responsible for the account balance at any time, and when the account is all or part of the Z limited company or its own positions when, at any time of the remaining arrears in charge. If the implementation according to the authorized positions does not have sufficient funds to pay the customer owed to Z company debt, upon demand, customers will immediately pay the arrears, all outstanding debt, and the corresponding interest (calculated as follows: Z was mainly limited bank preferential interest rate plus 3% or the highest law the low interest rates, a), and all costs of collection, including attorney's fees, witness fees and travel expenses. If Z Limited has paid other fees other than the collection debt due to the customer's account, the customer agrees to pay for such fees. For the avoidance of doubt, Z company decided to merge completely independent under the name of the customer account, the debit balance between surplus offset.

8. Assumption of risk

Customers understand that investing in leveraged or leveraged trading is speculative and involves high risk and only suitable for those who can bear the risk of loss of their margin deposits. Customers understand that due to the low margin of OTC transaction, the price change of OTC may cause considerable losses, which may exceed the customer's investment and margin deposits. The customer is willing able to guarantee the risk in financial or other bear OTC transactions, the customer agrees not because the transaction recommended or suggested to follow the Z limited company or its employees, agents or representatives made, caused by the trading loss of Z limited liability for. The customer recognizes that it is impossible to guarantee that the OTC transaction will be profitable or without loss. The Customer acknowledges that the Z from the limited company, or any of its representatives, or outside the introducer, or other customers to deal with Z Limited trading entities to get this type of guarantee, and not according to any of the above guarantee to conclude this agreement.

9. Z limited responsibility

Z Limited will not be responsible for the delay in transmission of instructions due to transmission or communication facilities failures, power outages, or any other Z limited company cannot control or predict. Z Limited will be solely responsible for the act of negligence, intentional error or fraud committed by Z limited. Any references employed by the Z company under this agreement, or other people involved in the fault caused by the loss, Z company will not be responsible for.

10. Report and confirm

Order confirmation report and customer account statements will be deemed correct, conclusive and binding on the customer, unless customers objected immediately and confirm in writing after received Z limited platform or other ways of sending report within a day. As a replacement for postal transaction confirmation, Z Ltd. will provide customers with internet access to access their accounts at any time. Customer's written objections should be sent to Z Limited newest location published on Website as the address may change from time to time. Please ask for a return receipt. If no objection, all actions of Z limited or its introducer before receipt of the report will be treat as approved. The customer's failure to receive the confirmation of the transaction will not relieve him of his obligation to make such objections. Please refer to customer agreement 30. and agree to confirm and billing through electronic transmission transactions.

11. Communication contact

The reports, statements, notices and other communications may be delivered to the customer's email or application form on the customer's address. So send all communications by mail, telegram or other way, once put into relevant postal agencies, or has been identified received by sending agency, issued by Z Co. Ltd., has been identified and delivered to customer personally, regardless of whether the customer actually received.

12. Arrange of deposit and withdrawing

The customer shall provide and maintain to the Z limited the amount of margin deposited by Z Limited from time to time. The margin may be higher or lower than the handset configuration. Z Limited may change margin requirements at any time. When the customer agrees to Z limited requirements immediately remit funds make up, and quickly taking Z company required transfer payment to meet all margin requirements, and any remittance and money transfer costs involved, including bank charges, exchange rate adjustment and all relevant costs incurred by the customer is responsible for. Customers in the full understanding of the Z company need time to handle deposits related to customers, customers might not just can immediately use margin as a new position in gold, more may not be as margin, the customer agrees to bear all the margin requirements to meet timely and faced the loss of forced liquidation, the initial loss can be the margin of more than the initial investment of customers. Z Limited may, at any time, liquidate the customer's account in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, even if Z Limited does not enable the right and does not mean that it has given up the right. The margin requirements of any Z limited company do not prevent Z Ltd. from raising these margin requirements without notice. Customers have the right to inform the Z company to extract the specified available cash balances, customers agree to any remittance and money transfer process cost involved, including bank charges, exchange rate adjustment and all relevant costs incurred by the customer is responsible for. The customer fully understands that Z Limited takes time to process withdrawals from customers and that customers may not be able to receive the amount immediately. The customer agrees not to pursue any liability arising from Z's failure to meet its own withdrawal requirements in due course. The Customer acknowledges that once the withdrawal request is made, Z Limited will promptly deduct the amount from the customer's account.

13. Joint account

In the event of more than one person entering into this Agreement as a customer, these persons agree to undertake the responsibility of this agreement jointly and severally. To open a joint account, each account holder must sign on the copy of the identity document, which will be used for verification. Joint account is held by more than one account holder (hereinafter referred to as "joint account holder"):a) responsibilities and obligations under this agreement will be regarded as the common and individual to assume full responsibility, and any relevant customer name, will be applied to each joint account holders; b) have the right to confirm the independence of this agreement handling accounts, including but not limited to the execution of the transaction and to receive all correspondence and documents relating to the account; c) the right to represent the account receipt or withdrawal of money or deposit money; d) to execute agreements relating to the account and Z limited solely to trade. Z Limited has the right to require all parties to the account to act jointly on matters relating to the account. Z Limited has recourse and control over all the outstanding debts of the account relating to the interests of the joint account holder, individual or joint account. If the owner of one or more of the joint accounts dies, Z shall notify the company in writing and produce death certificate. All fees as of the date of notification will be deducted from the account. Each joint account owner assumes an equal share.

14. Waiver or change

Nothing in this Agreement shall be waived or altered unless the waiver or change is made in writing and signed by the customer and the authorized officer of Z limited. The process of communication between any of the parties to the agreement or the failure of Z Ltd. or any other agent in any circumstances or in a series of circumstances to adhere to the rights under his agreement shall not be indirectly interpreted as waiver or change of rights. Any oral agreement or instruction shall not be admitted or executed.

15. Termination

This agreement will be started in effect until termination, and the client can terminate the agreement at any time, as long as the customer will not hold open spot gold and silver positions, Z is not limited for any debt, and Z Co. Ltd. Office of actual receipt of written notice of termination, or at any time Z Limited company to deliver a written notice of termination, come into effect notice that day by the closing conditions that such termination shall not affect any transactions previously and does not release either party of this agreement under any obligation or cancel any arrears responsibility caused by customer.

16. Compensation

The customer agrees that if the customer fails to fully and timely fulfill its commitments or its representation or warranty is not true or correct, and to Z Ltd brings any debt, loss, damages, costs or expenses, including attorneys' fees, customers will be expressed to the Z Co., the relevant agencies, employees, agents, inheritance people and the assignor to indemnify and hold the damage. The client also agrees to pay immediately the damages, costs and expenses, including attorney's fees, for the Z limited company in the performance of any of the provisions of this agreement. In addition, if losses from: a) customer behavior: the customer or authorized person of the action or omission of them; b) forged signature: signature or unauthorized signature forgery of all accounts or relating to this Agreement on file; c) fault: system failure, equipment failure or system disruption or removal system (whether for customers or Z limited equipment) d): delay in the implementation of any instruction occurs when delay, fault or error; E) data received from the client is incorrect or incomplete instructions, Z company will not liable for any damages or losses.

17. Trading recommend

Customer admit that (1) any Z company or any other person in company to provide customers market recommendations and information does not constitute an offer to buy or sell OTC contract or attract the purchase or sale of OTC positions; (2) the sign and recommended information, although based on Z Company Limited that reliable sources of information, comments may be completely based on a broker, so this information may not be complete or unconfirmed; (3) Z Limited does not provide any information or trading customers recommend accurate and completeness of any warranty, not responsible for the. The Customer acknowledges that Z Ltd. and / or its officers, directors, shareholders, affiliates, affiliates or representatives may hold some precious metals or precious metals trading positions to some, this type of trading market will also be recommended, Z limited or its affiliates, the director, director, association, or on behalf of the shareholders the market and customer positions may be obtained from the Z company's recommendation is not consistent. The Customer acknowledges that Z Limited has not made any warranties on the tax implications or treatment of the contract.

18. Customer Statement and insurance

Client state and warranty that: 1 customers, reach the legal age of sound mind, with legal capacity; only 2 of customers and the joint account holders or on a customer's account interest; 3. Customer hereby guarantee whether thereafter any contrary ruling, in addition to the customer, have enough ability to trade OTC; 4. customers is not currently employed a member of any exchange, any exchange to hold most of the capital of the company, any exchange and exchange or any registered company, any bank, trust institutions or insurance companies, once the customer to accept the employment, the customer must immediately notify Z in writing limited; 5. of all this agreement the opening part of the application form for information the date of the true, correct and complete, the customer will promptly notify Z Ltd. any information change; 6. customers Fully comply with local legislation, including compliance with the area or any other jurisdiction shall comply with the procedures and obtain the consent of the government in the region or other aspects of the transaction, and because the use of this platform and the need to pay any taxes, local tariffs and other amount. Customer transactions on this platform will be deemed to be made by the client to Z limited and to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. If the customer has any doubt about the situation, please refer to the professional consultant.

19. Financial information

Customer statements and ensure that financial information disclosed to Z Ltd. accurately expresses the current financial position of the client. The client further declares and guarantees that the assets and liabilities have been carefully calculated in determining their net value and that the debt is deducted from the asset to determine the net value provided by the customer in the financial information. Customer represents and warrants that in determining the value of assets, customers include cash and / or cash equivalents, and negotiable securities, real estate owned (excluding primary residence), the cash value of life insurance and other valuable assets. The client declares and warrants that, in determining the liabilities, the customer includes promissory notes payable to the bank (secured or non guaranteed), notes payable to relatives, house mortgages payable (excluding basic accommodation) and other bonds. The client declares and guarantees that when determining its current assets, the customer includes only assets that can be realized quickly (within a day or less). The customer declares and guarantees that it has considered very carefully the part of the customer's assets that may be venture capital. The customer guarantees and declares that venture capital is such an amount of money, that the customer is willing to put it into risk, and that even if the loss does not cause any change to the customer's way of life. If the customer's financial condition changes to reduce the customer's net worth, current assets and / or venture capital, the customer agrees to inform Z Ltd. immediately.

20. Not guaranteed profits or limited losses

Customer ensure and declare that the customer has not references or any Z company employee or agent of the Z Limited trading accounts signed any separate agreement, including any guarantee account earnings or limit losses in the customer agreement, agreed to its responsibility in writing immediately inform Z limited any such agreement. In addition, the customer agrees that if any statement of the transaction account made by any person is different from the statement received by the customer from Z limited, the customer agrees to draw the attention of Z limited to the company in writing. Understand the customer must be granted before the execution of each transaction, unless the customer through the signing of Z Limited trading authorization (LPOA) will be granted licensing rights of another person; and any disputed transactions must be based on the note notice by the agreement claim to Z ltd.. If the customer fails to notify Z limited in time of any dispute arising from damage or liability, the customer agrees to indemnify Z Co. for the purpose of not being harmed. Notice under this clause will need to be sent to the office of Z limited.

21. Credit report

Customer authorizes Z Ltd., or agent on behalf of Z Co. Ltd., to investigate customer's credit standing and in contact with Z company as confirmed customer information related to the right (all) banks, financial institutions and credit institutions. The customer further authorizes Z Ltd. to investigate the current and past investment activity, and in connection Z Co. Ltd. that suitable exchange futures broker, broker / dealers, banks, and legal information center. If the customer makes a request in writing to Z limited, the customer may be allowed to duplicate the above record, which is entirely costed by customer.

22. Sound recording

The customer agrees and admit that, irrespective of the use of an automated warning alert, all customer contact with customer accounts of Z limited or its staff may be recorded electronically. The customer further agrees in dispute or litigation involving any client or Z limited, any party can use such a recording or transcript of evidence. Client understands and agrees that Z company established the business regularly according to the recording program cut.

23. Jurisdiction

In connection with this contract or any dispute, claim, dispute or breach of contract termination or invalidation of the contract shall be settled by arbitration. The arbitration shall begin on the date of arbitration in accordance with the rules of arbitration of the United Nations Commission on international trade law which is currently in force.

24. Chang of contract

Customer comprehend, confirm and agree Z limited can’t modify the causes time by time, Z limited company will notice customer on website of these modification. The customer shall regularly review the modification of the terms and agree to be bound by it.

25. Margin recovery mechanism

Under normal market conditions, a margin call mechanism is lower than the balance of accounts in order to hedge funds deposited in the account value. When the current net value is less than 30% of the guarantee amount, the deposit recovery mechanism will automatically close the most loss position. If the market is bad, especially the sharp fluctuations in prices, caused by the liquidation of a margin call mechanism on the implementation of the price losses may exceed the customer's account balance. The customer has the obligation to pay back the deficit in the account.

26. Rights of transfer

Under this agreement, Z Limited may authorize all or part of its rights or obligations to any person without prior approval or approval from the customer.

27. High risk investments

In addition to the standard disclosures contained in this agreement, customers should note that margin based OTC Forex trading is one of the most risky investments in the financial market and is only suitable for experienced investors and institutions. An account opened at Z limited allows clients to trade bullion at a high leverage ratio. In view of the possibility of loss of all investment, the speculative capital in the foreign exchange market must be venture capital, and the loss will not affect the financial status of the client, individual or institution. If clients used to invest only in low-risk investment vehicles, customers may need to study Forex and contract trading before formal trading. Customers need to realize that, if the market is not as expected as expected by the customer when trading foreign exchange and value difference contracts, the customer may lose all funds deposited in Z limited as an initial margin. If the customer wishes to continue the investment of the customer, the customer must confirm that the customer's funds are pure venture capital. The loss of these funds does not harm the customer's way of life or damages the client's future retirement plan. In addition, the customer fully understands the nature and risk of foreign exchange and difference contract investment, and the loss incurred by the customer during the investment will not affect the third party.

28. Material Confirm

If there is any modification of material for opening account, customer should notice Z limited about it.

29. Privacy policy

Z Limited privacy policy protects customers' rights and interests under the personal data (Privacy) Ordinance, facilitating customers to open and maintain trading accounts, and provide financing and financial advisory services. Z limited faithfully monitors the personal data provided by its clients. In addition to being approved by law, Z Limited will not give any non-public information to anyone else. When customers open or maintain a trading account in Z company, the personal data provided will be used solely for internal business purposes, for example in the financial evaluation of customer needs, customer transactions and other requirements, to provide related products and services, to provide a transaction service and supervision according to the program need to confirm the identity of the customer. Z limited to customers in order to operate the data included: (1) the Z limited account application form and other forms to provide personal information, such as name, address, date of birth, identity card number, occupation, assets and income data; (2) the relevant customer and Z Ltd. and trading the data of the Affiliated Companies; (3) the customer survey data of the company; (4) the relevant information to verify the identity of customers, such as government documents, passport or driver's license. Z Limited will only provide customers with limited information provided by the service customer's employees, in order to provide relevant customer service and product presentation. Z limited also allows access to relevant information through electronic systems only when new accounts are authorized. These procedural requirements are designed to protect the privacy of customers, and the data will not be exposed to protect the privacy of customers. Z Limited will not enter into any person's name or personal data, sell or lease it with anyone.

Cookies About Cookies

Cookies is a tracking device on the customer's hard disk that tracks and stores data about the customer's use of online services. Z Limited may set up and access Z Ltd. Cookies at the client's computer to assist Z limited in understanding which advertising and marketing attract customers to browse Z Limited's website. Z Co. Ltd and its branches may Z Ltd.'s products and services using Cookies to track the customer browsing in Z company website, we collect and share data is anonymous and not by individual identification.

Security technology

Z limited uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to provide cryptographic technology to protect customers' data. This technology protects customer data from being intercepted and stolen on the way to Z limited. Z Co. Ltd. is committed to ensure that the site is safe and conforms to industry standards, and the use of other data security tools, such as firewall, authentication system (personal password and identity card number) and control mechanism to control unauthorized access and data access. Some financial products and services provided by Z Ltd., and may need third service providers and some do not belong to Z limited promotion company share the personal data, these include providing services in the form of contract on behalf of the Z limited company, such as the preparation and mailing statements of the company, maintain and develop data processing the software company. These companies, representing Z Ltd., must keep personal data confidential. In addition, Z Ltd. may be allowed to disclose personal data to regulatory authorities in accordance with the requirements of the law. For example, if necessary to comply with the court order or other official requirements, or for the protection of the rights and property of Z Co. Ltd., Z Cooperation Co. Ltd. needs and regulatory agencies or law enforcement agencies may disclose personal information. Prior to disclosing non disclosure personal data to the third party not affiliated with Z limited, the client will be informed of the privacy policy and will give the client sufficient time to withdraw from the disclosure. Non disclosure of personal data before, the new type of personal data before, the new category to the new third (not belonging to Z Limited) disclosure of information, to provide customers with the revised privacy policy and participate in the new exit notice. Employees of all Z limited companies will be reasonably supervised when they implement policies to ensure compliance with the rules.

31. No operating software order

In order to maintain the fairness of network transactions, Z company does not accept the use of any operating software under a single transaction behavior, once found, will cancel the transaction qualification or agency qualification, and recover all the illegal profits and expenses (including capital charges).

32. Arbitration agreement

Any dispute between the customer and Z Co., Ltd. will be settled in accordance with the arbitration agreement of this agreement. Any award made by the arbitration shall be final and binding and any court having jurisdiction may execute it in accordance with the law.

33. Jurisdiction over law

The rights and obligations of this Agreement and the agreement are subject to the jurisdiction of the Z limited company and are hereby interpreted and implemented accordingly. Accordingly, the application of the provisions is not intervened or prevented by conflict with the law.

34. Third party software processing

In accordance with fair and equitable trading rules, when we find customers use the third party transaction software orders, we will notify customers first, then through the official website announcement customer account anomalies, expert group audit procedures. Z in order to ensure the principle of fairness and impartiality, the relevant customers can provide relevant information to the expert audit team for examination and approval.

customer instructions

1. Injection

1) the customer may deposit funds for the customer's trading account on the basis of the method provided by the company's website. 2) the company will not be able to inject cash into the customer unless the company confirms that it has received the injection capital from the customer. 3) the fees and charges arising from the capital injection by the customer through bank remittance are costed by customer.

2. Withdrawing

1) the remittance fees and charges arising from the application for a withdrawal of US $50 or more shall be borne by the company. 2) the customer applies for a single withdrawal of less than US $50, and the company will charge us $3 as remittance fee. 3) when the customer applies for withdrawals, the transaction volume is insufficient and the injection amount is 50%. The company will charge 6% of the injection capital as the remittance fee. 4) the company will handle and remit the amount within 1 hours of receiving the withdrawal request. 5) due to third reasons, the amount of money the bank handles is not controllable and projected by the company. As a result, the customer may not be able to receive the amount extracted within 1 hours. Please contact us promptly.

3. Exchange rate

All non US dollar deposits will be exchanged into us dollars. In order to ensure the interests of our clients and reduce the risk of exchange rate fluctuations, we have decided that the remittance amount will be added to the customer's trading account at a fixed exchange rate.

4. Cancel the account

If the customer needs to close the account, please fill cancellation application form, under the customer has closed position, the company will deal within in two working days after received application.

5. Internet risk statement

Because of the Internet, between the signal receiving circuit, or the equipment / system setting or reliability of its connection, are not within the scope of the company's control, communication, so we could not fault through Internet transactions to be false or delayed and responsible. Foreign exchange and spread contract transactions have considerable risks and are not suitable for everyone. No matter how convenient and efficient online transactions are, it is unlikely to reduce the risks associated with the transaction. You acknowledge that forex and CFD spot prices but vary from institution, and in seconds will always change, including (but not limited to) the time difference data, it is sometimes not even according to the published price for the transaction. Therefore, the customer agrees to accept the price that the company offers from time to time to the customer, which is the best price we can obtain at that time.

6. Create account online

All customer accounts through our application, the applicant will see as read seriously and agree to the above agreement all content, application form check "I agree with the above agreement" will have the effect of the customer agreement through the same legal. The company will not mail the customer agreement, the customer must visit our company office to sign the customer agreement.


I hereby declare that 1) the application of the information contained in the statement and is true, complete and correct; 2) I will take all the responsibility for the final directives issued; 3) I am prepared to take a business / trade economic benefits and / or undertake business / economic risk people. I hereby confirm and agree that, unless Z Limited is subject to my change notice, Z Ltd. shall solely rely on the above information and statement for all purposes.

I acknowledge and confirm:

I have read Z Limited Client Agreement and client agreement listed in the risk disclosure statement; Z company has asked me to read the risk disclosure statement, ask questions and seek independent advice (such as I have this intention). I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the customer agreement of Z limited and understand and confirm that Z Limited may amend the terms and conditions of the agreement from time to time. I confirm that Z Limited does not provide any advice or advice on investment, tax or law.

Important notification

The importance of logging data confidentiality

This company strongly requests the customer to log on the transaction platform the data to keep secret and the reliable collection. These login data are delivered directly to our customers by our company. Therefore, only the account holder has such login data and enters the trading platform for trading. The company strongly recommends that customers change their login password and proper collection on the first login platform, because all customers are responsible for the transactions in the customer's trading account. When the customer suspects that the login data has been made by the third party, the customer should immediately change the password or notify the company to change the login password. At the same time, Z Limited is strictly prohibited from employees to obtain customer login password and access to customer transactions account for any activities. If you have any questions to anyone who asks for the password, please contact our company for 24 hours online or call directly.