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Funds protection

New Zealand financial dispute mediation (FDR) certification members provide each client with up to 200 thousand New Zealand dollars (about 970 thousand rmb) funding protection.

Funds separate

Customer funds separate with companies’ account completely, and saved in bank account independent. We only can authorize customer allocate funds as trading proposal, others or agency can’t withdrawing from customer trading account.

no-negative amount assurance

To provide "no negative balance guarantee" , the customer's trading account will not exist a negative balance and will not be required to pay additional arrears to ensure that the maximum potential loss is limited to the funds deposited and the transaction risk is strictly controlled Within range. No negative balance guarantee does not apply to all customers

Privacy protection

User's privacy information is strictly protected. Your personal information, account information and transaction information will not be published to any third party company, organization or individual without your permit (except as otherwise provided for by laws and regulations).

Trading safety

Thomson Reuters and the North American derivatives exchange provide major data support for Zeal Capital, the most advanced and stable technologies ensure customer transaction security and satisfaction. All transactions are processed by SSL encryption.